Available as standard in oak, pine, spruce, birch gluelaminated timber products.

C61 series – 600×600 modules for ceilings and 600×1200 modules for walls.

Combining the modules of C61 series and Classic series enables to create different patterns. Panels are suitable for use in both walls and ceilings.
PDF ceilingC61 ceiling specification 600_600_ENG
PDF wall – C61 wall specification 600_1200_ENG

HON61 (Hook On) series 600×1200(1500, 1800, 2000, 2400) modules.
PDFHON61 specification ceiling 600_(1200_1500_1800_2000_2400)_ENG

In addition to the 600×600 ceiling panels, also easily mountable light fixtures from the same series are available.

Modules can be mounted in three ways:

1.T 24 – on the frame, the ceiling can easily be opened for maintenance purposes.

2.Screw fastening – the panels are fastened with screws to a GK-metal frame or wooden frame.

3. HON – Hook On suspension system. From 600×1200 modules to 600×2400 modules. Easy installation where You have pre-installed ventilation systems and electrical systems.

Wide range of finishing – from natural wood tone to bright colors – is available.
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