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Once you have chosen your Aikkon product, check this section for useful materials
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Yes. Aikkon products can also be installed outdoors.
If you wish to purchase a product for outdoor use, please be sure to indicate this when submitting your request for the quote!

Please read the general terms and conditions for Aikkon Est OÜ products.

Please read the cleaning guide prepared by Aikkon Est OÜ.

As a primarily manufacturing-oriented company, Aikkon Est OÜ does not offer an installation service.
However, if you are interested in a specific installation service, we take a case-by-case approach to each project.

Our products are made from wood and the effect of humidity and temperature on wood should always be taken into account.
Wood is known to absorb and release moisture, which may result in the material changing its size and shape.
At the customer’s own risk, Aikkon products may be installed in permanently ventilated wet and sauna rooms where the products do not come into direct contact with water and where excess humidity is eliminated after use of the room.
We do not recommend installing our products in steam rooms, since the properties of the product may change unpredictably as a result of the short periods of excessively high temperature and high humidity.

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